Vintage Christmas Bells

Vintage Christmas bells can be added almost anywhere in your holiday decor. Wreaths and garland sparkle when you add bells. They also make great gift wrapping accessories. Tie a vintage Christmas bell to a few bows and recipients will know you took the time to add a little extra love.

If you have got a house full of young guests, the best way to keep track of who is indoors and out is with a string of vintage Christmas bells tied to your doorknob. You will never wonder if any new guests have arrived as you prepare the holiday feast.

If you enjoy sewing, try personalizing ready-made winter apparel with vintage Christmas bells. Children love the sound of bells on their winter hats, coats and mittens.

Vintage Christmas bells can even be used in holiday tabletop decor. Sleigh bells placed near a holiday centerpiece will remind guests of Christmases past.