Vintage Christmas Bulbs

Looking back on years past, one vividly recounts the happy memories of the holiday seasons. The tiny details, like real tinsel on the tree or the miniature electric locomotive circling at its base. But one little detail that’s been brought to memory is that of the Christmas bulbs. The once, dimly-lit, bulbs that are now considered “vintage”.

Theses bulbs brought forth a glow with all the effort thirty watts could muster and created a sense of warmth and contentment with each winter season. These vintage Christmas bulbs, that by many are now forgotten, are what helped to make each holiday special.

They can be used to decorate the tree, hung in a strand above a doorway, or any number of other decorative ways. The important thing is they not be forgotten. Vintage Christmas bulbs can help revive memories once forgotten while simultaneously creating new ones, all with the flip of a switch.