Vintage Christmas Elves

Everyone knows that Santa Claus gets a lot of good press this time of year, but who does all the work January through November? The elves, of course!

This year, make sure you honor the true heroes of the holiday by bringing home some vintage Christmas elves. These little guys will work overtime, making your home a holiday oasis, and all they require are a few smiles and giggles to stay on track.

Who is being nice at your house? Who is downright naughty? You'll always know when you have vintage Christmas elves around to keep you informed. Got pesky gnomes in your backyard? Not with these guys around! And whether you sit them on the mantle or by the tree, vintage Christmas elves will be adored by all who visit your home this season.

So, open your hearts and your pocketbooks. Adopt a family of vintage Christmas elves today.