Vintage Christmas Figurines

A glassblowing center was established in Germany that made vintage Christmas figurines. Glassblowers created a money making business by making glass vintage Christmas figurines.

Vintage Christmas figurines contists of Santas, angels, and animals. Vintage Christmas figurines were hand-painted and glass. Each figurine is carefully painted from strands of hair to perfect eyelashes, not a detail left out. Most figurines are individual, but come in a set, so that you would want to collect them all.

Most Vintage Christmas figurines tell a story. For example, the birth of Christ, Santa and elves, Angels singing, and of course reindeers and sleighs. Since they tell a story, you have to have the set. A set would consist of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus with a choice of buying angels, wismen, shephards;Santa Claus with elves, Santa and his reindeer in a sleigh. Whatever theme you wanted, you know that it was hand crafted and made to last.