Vintage Christmas Jewelry

Since early Victorian times, people have worn special jewelry during Christmas, expressing their excitement of the season. They would wear jewelry designed like angels, red-nosed reindeer, and silver bells. The most popular piece of vintage Christmas jewelry was the tree. The pins were designed with metal molded into trees, angels, and a red-nose reindeer.

Vintage jewelry expressed the person’s sense of style. There were many renowned jewelry artists. One such artist is Stanley Hagler; he designed trees ranging from squat, triangular pins dripping with Murano glass beads to trees made of mother-of-pearl and red glass flowers. Another jewelry artist was Larry Vrba designed who designed his Christmas jewelry in elaborate and flashy shapes of trees with bright colored stones. Vintage Christmas jewelry was specially designed for the season, a season that had special meaning to many. The Christmas holiday was special and the vintage jewelry has now become collector items of a time when costume jewelry was made by hand.