Vintage Christmas Pins

Vintage Christmas pins and brooches are a common collected jewelry item, especially those items that were made by well known jewelers. Pins were made with Santa faces, wreaths, Christmas trees, bells and other Christmas themed subjects. Some of the pins had rhinestones to represent the balls on a tree, or the eyes of a reindeer, and others were painted with enamel to provide color and detail to the pins.

Some collectors look for the marcasite Christmas pins. Marcasite has a look of antiqued silver metal, which made the jewelry look old, even though it was brand new at that time. The pins were designed in bows or trees, and were embellished with beautifully cut stones. Vintage era jewelry for pins wasn’t limited to only pins for the shirts; there were also holiday pins for ladies hats. Whether it’s a lapel pin or a hat pin, someone, somewhere, is collecting them.