Vintage Christmas Skirts

There are many vintage Christmas skirts still available today, bringing back that touch of nostalgia to enhance the beauty of seasonal décor. Vintage Christmas tree skirts may be made from felt, flannel, fur, canvas, cotton or even elegant lace or silk. It is even possible to find a vintage Christmas skirt crafted for dual use, suitable for a table cover, with a centerpiece to cover the traditional hole provided for the tree base. These skirts were either made in a circular pattern, without the separating slit, or the slit was closed with hooks or ties.

Vintage tree skirt sizes ranged from as little as 22 inches to over 50 inches in diameter and many were quilted or even reversible for variation. Decorations traditionally consisted of rick-rack, sequins and appliqués. A vintage Christmas tree skirt will be a treasured keepsake to be handed down for many years.

For the hostess, choosing one of the many styles available for a vintage Christmas skirt to wear during the holiday season is always a special touch. Dressing in a vintage design floor length skirt of bright plaid crinkling taffeta enhances the colorful and decorative atmosphere of the festivities. Rayon, nylon or other shiny fabrics lend themselves well to the vintage Christmas skirt design and the addition of sequins or appliqués suitable for the season will enhance the style and proclaim your love of the festive holiday celebrations.

For a more relaxed atmosphere, a classic 1950’s style quilted cotton full circle skirt with appliqués of bells, Christmas trees, angels or candy canes is the perfect choice. Choosing this style of vintage Christmas skirt is appropriate in white, red, green or even royal blue. Another great vintage design is the quilt pattern and this is readily available in holiday motifs. Whether your taste is more inclined toward the floor length elegance or the more relaxed below the knee casual style, a vintage Christmas skirt will proudly display your love of the nostalgic memories of the season.