Vintage Christmas Stockings

The Ghost of Christmas Past will feel quite at home when you use vintage Christmas stockings this holiday season. Try filling your vintage stockings with goodies from the past. Forget the electronic gadgets and licensed character novelties. This year, fill your stockings with homemade candies just like the ones your grandmother used to make. You will surely find some great ideas in her old cookbooks. Wrap the candles in beautiful shiny papers.

Look for simple treasures from the past. For men, try a compass, vintage golf tees, a classic tie design or a book. For women, look for perfume in retro bottles, cross-stitch patterns, hair accessories made with vintage flowers and beads or candles in tins. Your holiday guests will appreciate your extra effort.

Make sure to use vintage garland on the mantle where you hang your vintage Christmas stockings. Vintage figurines and ornaments will complete your vintage holiday decor.