Chancellor Vintage Watches

Ever since the introduction of the watch it's been both a practical accessory as well as a statement of wealth on the part of the wearer. For those who want to advertise their own personal class, and keep the time with an attractive, vintage watch, then you can't do much better than chancellor vintage watches.

Chancellor vintage watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, reflecting disparate design eras and pieces of history. The vintage wrist watches tend towards a classic, 1930s and 1940s look, calling back to the time of prohibition, with the clean, straight lines speaking of the America that had finished roaring and had business to take care of. Other chancellor vintage watches come in a classic pocketwatch design. These watches are elegant and simple, with an easy to open case that can be accessorized with an attractive chain and a few small pocket watch fobs for a really period appearance. These vintage designs boast bright metal, subdued faces and the simple beauty of a functional piece that shows definite influences of modernism, with every piece functional and ticking away to be sure that you keep the time. They're perfect for gifts, or for personal awards.