ESS Vintage Watches

ESS Vintage Watches enhances the look of your wardrobe. They offer the classic look of style to a business or casual dress. These self winding mechanical watches are designed to run well. Their leather straps can be adjusted to fit any size wrist. They are easy to wind without pulling out the button. You should wind the mechanical watch once a day because each wind last about 24 hours. Mechanical watches like ESS Vintage watches were made in Europe during the 1600's.

These ESS Vintage Watches come in different styles and colors like the skeleton hand winding model, white automatic model, and red automatic men's model. Start the automatic models by swinging them gently about 20 to 30 times before use. After that shake or swing twice daily to keep watch running. Each model has intricate gearwork and leather wristband that watch the color. These classic vintage watches will add fashion style to your wardrobe.

ESS Vintage watches are made for men and women. Most of the watches are designed for men but there are some models for women too. You can find ESS watches online at sites like EBay,, and When shopping for a watch pick a color and style that suits your personality.