Gallet Vintage Watches

Gallet Vintage Watches are a commodity that have stood the test of time for over 500 years. It has been a family oriented Swiss business since the mid 1400's, passed from generation to generation. They have had many important accomplishments during their history.

The first wrist watches for men and women put into the mass markets for consumers in 1895. They were first rejected by men and women alike. In 1896, Railroad Pocket Watches were marketed for railway workers and had special features the railroad workers needed and had patented regulators in them and were marketed under the name of "Interocean" and were marketed by Timothy Eaton. Through the years, the company have had several famous and notable watches in their line of merchandise including military style timepieces. In 1970 they had a special version for pilots of the Swiss Air Force that featured 12 hour bezel and 24 city dial that rotated for time zone calculations, to keep the pilots on top of the time, no matter what zone they were in. In 1990 they also had a special watch design for the US Military in Desert Storm.

If collecting is for you, Gallet Vintage Watches are for you!