Gruen Vintage Watches

Gruen vintage watches are not only unique timepieces and collector’s items, but also rich in history. In 1894, D. Gruen & Son was founded by Dietrich Gruen and his son.

As the company started, they only produced and sold pocket watches. From the start, Gruen was striving to manufacture a smaller watch than what was being produced by other companies. This research led to their first innovative watch on the market. In 1904, Gruen introduced the VeriThin, a watch that is only 7mm thick and still met the railroad watch precision standards of that time.

Gruen introduced its first wristwatches in 1908. These were immediately more popular among women than men. However, following World War I men started realizing that wristwatches were more convenient than their traditional pocket watches. The move to wristwatches gained increasing momentum in the 1920s for Gruen.

The Gruen company began to decline in the 1940s and 1950s, but not before creating some timepieces that are still treasured today. In 1921, they released the Cartouche for women containing a new movement designed specifically to allow for a sleek design. In 1924, a watch was released commemorating the 50th anniversary of Gruen’s patent on the movement piece. Only 600 of these watches were made. The Quadron and Techni-Quadron were also introductions during this time period. Gruen vintage watches are a piece of time clock history and are valued by collectors around the world.