Hamilton Vintage Watches

Hamilton was a watch company that was very popular in the 1930's through the 1950's. Hamilton vintage watches were produced starting in the late 1800's, and originated in Pennsylvania. In the early 70's Hamilton sold out to Swatch company. Hamilton Vintage Watches all have their own special names for each watch throughout the years.

Hamilton vintage watches are mainly only collectable if they are men's Hamilton watches. Women's Hamilton watches draw little interest by buyers and collectors, mainly because they bring only half of what a men's watch would bring, value wise. You can also gaurantee the value of your Hamilton watch by making sure it is not a self winding watch. The self winding watches were only produced by the Swiss and imported. Another key mark of a Hamilton watch is the signed crown, but they weren't stamped with the crown until the 50's. Spiedel bands are another specific mark to the Hamilton vintage watch.

You can keep your Hamilton watch safe, in a Hamilton watch case. Though these weren't produced by the Hamilton company themselves, they are often sold along with the watch. Because the watch cases aren't produced with Hamilton, you can not match the serial number from the case to verify the serial number on the watch.