Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is making a huge comeback and has seeped back into runways and magazines with a fresh new vibe. Some people enjoy wearing this classic clothing to give themselves an eclectic feel and others enjoy the sport of just collecting the clothes. Pairing older generation clothing with bright and shiny accessories is a sure fire way to make an outfit stand out.

Vintage refers to anything that is 15 years or older. Some collectors or fashionistas believe that clothing dating back 25 years is considered more of a vintage type. When one thinks of classic clothing, they may automatically think of dresses and outfits from the fifties. And though the fifties were a classic and remarkable era for amazing clothing, vintage clothing can date back into the 1800s and beyond. Petticoats and hoop skirts that are made with whale bone, for example, would be considered collectible classics.

Corsets, though made even today, are considered a vintage look. Corsets date back hundreds of years and were normally worn under garments. In older times, they were extremely constricting and often left the wearer faint and unable to breathe properly. Today's corsets are made with more comfortable materials and have become a symbol of feminism and dominance. Collectors of classic pieces will more than likely have a couple of corsets in their collection, too.

Modern day fashion has devolved back to it's origin of style: vintage clothing. For many people their appearance is highly valued and tradition and culture is what people try and maintain as they are viewed in the eyes of others, and while the world continues to evolve, people are looking more towards organics, and recycling.

It wasnt easy to find vintage before the internet took off, yard sales were a safe bet on something vintage. But what is vintage, one may ask, and the answer is simple: old. Vintage is something that is at least two centuries old. Now, if this is the case then how is it that vintage items and clothing can be sold as a new product, and the answer to that is: dead stock.

Dead stock is a product that never left the shelf and usually ends up as "new old stock" about twenty or so years after being manufactured. A lot of people enjoy the character vintage clothing allows us to display. Most new clothing made is popular, and a lot of people are wearing the same things, vintage clothing helps break away from the conformity of society, and add true color to any personality.