Vintage Fans

Many antique dealers and collectors are excited in the way that vintage fans can be restored. Whether it is a ceiling fan, a small desk fan, or a fan that may have been held by Queen Elizabeth, they can be restored to look brand new underneath many years of collected dirt and grime. In the late 1800's fans were manufactured, many simple for household use and many for prestigious buildings as decor, and for Queens, Princesses and well to do classical people.

Vintage fans, can be considered not only electric but hand held as well. The hand held "waving" fan made out of precious and rare materials. this type of fan goes back many centuries, even back to prehistoric times. The Victorian era produced a lot of the fancy hand held fans, decorated with lace, gems, and precious metals. Fans have also been powered by gas, alcohol and water. The workmanship and the quality that was put into vintage fans are so very detailed.

Sadly enough fans that are mass produced are nothing to compare to those made many years ago.
Many museums house a variety of antique fans from many eras ago to today. There is a lot of culture and historical value to these old fans to enjoy, even if you are not a collector but a lover of antiques.

Vintage Fans are, at the same time, a classic look that is a fashion forward trend for women of all ages. With a little practice and daring, women can fascinate and flirt without a word. Fans come in great variety: lace, red lacquer, floral and feathered motifs, painted souvenirs, and even sandalwood cut into an intricate pattern. Some vintage fans are elegant and regal, others look sassy and naughty; it depends on the woman and the way she wields it.

Some open their fans slowly, as if revealing a rare work of art. The fan glides smoothly through the air, as serene as a swan. Others snap their fans open and display them as if daring a man to come close. There are perfectly practical reasons for a woman to carry a fan as well. Overly heated, crowded rooms and the presence of too much smoke and perfume still shows a lady, perfectly cool and poised, as she dissipates the offending air with her fan.

Vintage Fans are a ballet at the end of a woman’s hand. Mastering the art can make a woman linger in a man’s mind, making him long to know her better, a mystery he longs to solve.