Vintage Texaco Pumps

Automobile memorabilia is very popular with collectors. Some of the most popular automobile related memorabilia for collectors is vintage Texaco merchandise. Collectors love to all types of vintage Texaco merchandise including old photos, tin signs, antique maps, old post cards and many other types of vintage Texaco collectibles.

Many of us have a fond memory of a road trip with Dad or something similar and almost all of these cherished childhood memories involve at least one item that is Texaco related. Vintage Texaco make great gift items, especially to an older relative such as a grandparent. These people understand the historical significance that Texaco had on their lives and will love any vintage Texaco item you give them.

Regardless of what type of vintage Texaco item you give as a gift you can be sure that it will be a gift that stands out from the other gifts they receive. Vintage Texaco items are true Americana and are often found with old Route 66 memorabilia.