Carousel Gumball Machines

Carousel is a trusted name in dispenser machines. Known for their multi display machines that are found in practically ever grocery store, they have a history of delivering delicious sweets to children of all ages. The many shapes and sizes of gumball machines allow for the vendor to fill the machines with small candies, toys, and the traditional gumball treats.

If the collector is interested in early model vending apparatus, a carousel gumball machine is a must have for their collection. The older models will enhance any vintage collectibles collection. Many of the available models come in either black or the classic red. Cast iron stands are also available for the consumer to put their carousel gumball machine on.

The carousel gumball machine can also be equipped with a variety of settings for the dispensing of the sweets. One can choose a specific coinage for the dispensing like a penny, nickle, quarter, or dime. These machines can also dispense on the setting where any coin will offer candy. Finally, there is also a free spin setting that does not require any money in order to acquire candy.

Carousel gumball machines all come with the traditional glass globe and cast metal fixtures. These fixtures are the base, the lid, and the coin mechanism. Many of the machines do not require the individual to do an assembly, and can hold up to 5 pounds of gumballs. The anti-spill chute door cover assures that your gumballs will not roll away once they have been dispensed.

The carousel line of gumball machines are also pretty easy to find replacement parts. This means no need to worry about replacing a broken globe, coin device, or even a new stand for your vintage machine. Everything one needs to get and keep their vintage gumball machine up and running is available at their fingertips.