Cola Gumball Machine

A cola gumball machine is a vintage collector's item. Dating back to the 1950's, it is a great decoration for any home. The gumball machine is easy to store, fitting conveniently on any desk or shelf. People will comment on the uniqueness of such a collector's item, all the while feeling nostalgic about an early time and the first time they drank cola.

With this rare item in the confines of your home, you have an instant conversation starter when any guests come over. The cola gumball machine is a staple of gumball machine collectibles. The cola logo located on the globe part of the gumball machine where the gum is located represents one of the most prestigious companies in the United States.

If you don't collect gumball machines, now is the time to start. And what better item to start collecting than the cola gumball machine, a timeless treasure, a memory of youth and all that is right with the world. This item allows you to explain to your children the first time you drank some cola and how happy it made you. It conjures up images of summer days and swimming pools.

A cola gumball machine is a smart purchase at any age. The price of collectibles is likely to increase, and gumball machines are certainly no exception. The vintage design and a drink that is the staple of America is a powerful combination that can translate into future earnings. And if you like gum, what better way to receive a piece of game than via a beautiful gumball machine.

Gumball machines connect youth with maturity, it is a great bond between generation gaps. A cola gumball machine not only serves as a collector's item which conjures up memories from your youth, but a way to pass that youth on to the next generation. To share your love of gum and of cola with them.