Garfield Gumball Machine

Garfield is known to many as the wisecracking, orange cat with little patience, or enthusiasm for that matter, for his fellow pet Odie and their owner Jon. He is a pop culture icon and is immortalized with collectible products like the Garfield Gumball Machine.

Several variations of one Garfield Gumball Machine were made in the 1970s and 1980s displaying the same figurine with different quotes attached to the base. Garfield is shown holding a transparent globe where the small gumballs would fit and he has that well known, mischievous look on his face. It is obvious, he is up to something! This vintage piece is about seven inches tall and seven inches wide, weighting under five pounds. There is a switch to release the gumballs from the globe container.

Several up to date Garfield Gumball Machine products have been made since. They are decorated with modern accessories and are much more durable with metal bases. They seem to be missing the classic, simple look of the earlier gumball machine.

The Garfield Gumball Machine is a rarity in the world of collectibles but is out there for those willing to put in the effort to find it. For anyone building a Garfield collection, this would be a fantastic find to add to your collection. As an added bonus, the simple gumball apparatus is quite basic and usable without the concern of damaging the product.

Not only is this a beneficial find for Garfield collector's, but for gumball machine collector's alike. It is rare enough to certainly be noticed among a variety of other machines with its simple design and variations. The Garfield Gumball Machine is entirely plastic so it must be handled with care and to find one that has not incurred damage over the decades would be a huge success.