Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine

As befits the first and most well-known of Walt Disney's many creations, Mickey Mouse is a character not limited to any one use or era. He's decorated masks, walked the red carpet, decorated museums, but one of the most endearing uses of this icon is the Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine.

The Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine takes on many forms. The 1968 version is an endearing red and black creation with a base that fits into the palm of a hand with a black, molded-plastic, head. It stands nine and a half inches tall, and it works by feeding pennies in through the bottom and pulling a lever to release the gumball.

In honor of the 60th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Disney created the 1988 version of the Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine. This model shows off Mickey's more classical side. While the 1968 version is done in black and red, this model is white, blue, and silver. Mickey is dressed in a tuxedo and stands on a baby blue pedestal.

One could argue that it isn't good for Mickey to be constantly standing around and posing. Apparently, a clever toymaker agreed. Another vintage version of the Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine has Mickey playing golf. A coin is inserted in the base, Mickey swings a golf club, and the gum is released.

The Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine was so popular that it was not only commemorated in a figurine, it was honored with a vintage ring. The ring is the classic Mickey face on a brass band.

Whatever the year, the Mickey Mouse Gumball Machine has delighted his faithful fans. This can be demonstrated by how well these pieces have held their value throughout the years. Though fifty years old, they still receive honorable mention in books and websites devoted to collectibles.