Popeye Gumball Machine

The first popeye gumball machine was made in 1968 and is a great collectors item for anyone who grew up watching popeye or someone with ties to the navy. The 1968 popeye gumball machine is the smiling, winking head of popeye with his corncob pipe in his mouth. It's yellowish orange base has a sliding lever where you placed a coin to recieve the gum.

There were hundreds made, but now they are not easy to find. A new style of the popeye gumball machine was released about 1972 it retained the same head and face style as the one before it, except this one being clear so that you may see the gumballs inside.

The popeye gumball machine was manufactured bythe Hasbro toy company along with many other styles of gumball machines. Hasbro's debut with the gumball machines was in 1968 and these machines doubled as banks that the child could remove the saved money from.

The gumballs that are made today will barely clear through the chute of these vintage machines. The gumballs that were made while these machines were in full production were almost half the size of the standard gumball you see today. In order to keep your working machine in good condition it would not be ideal to use todays standard sized gumballs in them.

The popeye gumball machine would make a great present for a loved one that has served in the navy, especially if they grew up watching popeye the sailor man on saturday morning cartoons. When eyes are laid upon this wonderful popeye gumball machine they will be transported instantanously to their dream filled childhood, a place where they had no care in the world. The perfect gift for a loved one or yourself if you're lucky enough to find an original.