Vintage Jukebox

Vintage jukeboxes hold a special appeal for many people. They remind us of days gone by, before all music was digital and played in devices small enough to put in a watch pocket.

If a vintage jukebox is something you are interested in buying, they can still be found if you know where to look. There are several publications which feature articles on jukeboxes, list current market values, and even have classified ads from both buyers and sellers.

Before you buy, make sure you understand the grading system used to classify vintage jukeboxes. Generally, they will be classified as Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3. A Grade 1 jukebox is considered to be in mint condition. It works perfectly, and has been professionally restored. A Grade 3, however, has all the required parts but is not currently in working order.

Depending on the variety, the price range can vary widely for a classic jukebox. You may be lucky enough to find a more common model for under $500, whereas other models will sell for as much as $50,000. As with any antique item, the value is truly determined by what collectors are willing to pay.

Once you decide to buy one, try looking in local yard sales, estate sales, and auctions first. It’s entirely possible somewhere out there has one and is just eager to unload it. If you don’t have any luck there, there are many antique collectors who can assist you in finding the one you want.

Is there anything more iconic from American lore than the image of the jukebox? From classic television shows to movies, we can all see classic jukeboxes with tiny 45 records. We can see the lights glowing and hear the sounds of music pumping out of them. It's no wonder that so many people collect and restore vintage jukeboxes.

Classic jukeboxes are very popular amongst people who remember the 1950s and think of it as a simpler, easier time to be alive. They can see women in poodle skirts, men in blue jeans and leather jackets, dancing to the melodies, sharing a shake together. For these memories, or ideas, of a bygone era of American history, they purchase a vintage jukebox.

There are reproductions that are made with 45s of music that is far more modern which are available for collectors. They have the sound and feel of the original 1950s versions, but play music that would not be out of place at a dance club or party today. It's a combination of modern and history in a fun way for some people.

If someone wants to have a vintage jukebox, they can have a piece of American all their own.