Vintage Lamps

Vintage collectibles are in great demand, and vintage lamps are no exception. For anyone who has a hobby of collecting these lamps, this is a serious, yet fun, type of collection to get into.

The vintage collection of lamps can date back as far as the late 1700s up to and including the mid-1900s. There are unique and beautiful Chinese, English, French, Japanese and American vintage lamps that can be purchased and used in various rooms to enhance the decor of the home.

Most of the collection are tables lamps that come in many different solid colors or color patterns. These lamps are very elegant, and since they are so rare today, they will become a centerpiece of any room in the house. Even though there was no electricity back over a century ago, the lamps portray a vase or sculpture that was common back in a particular era of time. Two of the Chinese vintage lamps are from the late 1700s. One is a mirror black glazed vase used as a lamp. Another is a Blanc-de-Chine lamp that is all in a dazzling white.

These elegant lamps also include the gorgeous blue and white Staffordshire of the English collection, and also the blue and white Chinese lamps. The Japanese geisha is featured on many vintage collectibles to create an oriental touch to the home. Pastel greens and pinks are very popular with the French. American vintage collectibles will include some whimsical art-deco designs and also the eloquent Tiffany styles.

Vintage Lamps are becoming very popular once again. They add a great look to any home decoration scheme and the classic and timeless look of vintage items are always a nice addition. They can be placed in almost any room to add that extra decorative spark.

One of the really popular options is using vintage style floor lamps. Floor lamps can sit in the corner and normally have a long and narrow base. Floor lamps can have different lighting styles such as singular light bulbs under a lamp shade or different arms that each has a light bulb that goes with them. Depending on the decade they are from, the lamps can have all sorts of ornate decorations. Some options include colored glass, gold decorations, and all sorts of neat looks.

Not all vintage lamps need to be floor lamps. There are also options that are smaller and look great on desks or corner tables. These smaller lamps are going to have different styles depending on if they are representing the 50's, 60's, or 70's. This means that they might have small or big bases to them and also different sized lamp shades. Often the bases and shades have mirrored glass, different colors on them, and even really neat patterns to them.