Vintage License Plates

Vintage license plates are very neat to look at even more pleasurable to own. Owning these license plates can definitely bring you some money in the future. The longer you own one and keep it in great shape, the more valuable it can be worth. It may be helpful to store your license plates in a safe place so they don't rust.

Vintage license plates are neat because they are nothing like what they look like today. These license plates would simply be designed in colors. Each state had a different color and that is how they were distinguished. Now a days, license plates are designed with different themes and pictures. They may represent popular things in each state such as; cheese, corn, famous buildings etc. These pictures add uniqueness to each plate. Some plates these days even have different types of font that the state names are written in. This can be a very neat and interesting feature.

To some people, finding these plates may seem boring, but to others it is interesting since they don't make them anymore. Finding these plates can be very rare, which cause them to be valuable. Selling these license plates may be able to make you some money, or you can keep them as antiques.

After an interview with a 70 year old mechanic. He told me that mechanics, car dealers, car buyers, junk yards, and people who thoughtlessly tossed their old license plates in their garages had no plan for them to be collectable. They piled up. Some people were fortunate to learn that tossing these a side paid off. Eventually, there became a group of people that developed a passion to collect them and this created the value and demand of vintage license plates.

License plates piled up in garages, so they were hung on the walls to get them out of the way. Since so few garages change the art on their walls, license plates hung for a long time. They became something you expecteed to see in a garage. Certain nostalgia was connected to them eventually. Most people own one plate, usually from their first car. This is sentimental to them. Memories of that cool car they had.

There is a market for these vintage license plates. The fact that these plates have so many differences and are divided by states, countries, designs, materials, sizes, art and colors. There are different types of collectors who enjoy their own criteria.

Vintage license plates can sell for a great deal of money. Some as recent as the 1970s have sold for upwards of $150. It depends on the scarcity of the plate and the desire of the buyer. The first picture on a plate was the State of Idaho’s idea. They featured a potato on theirs. This license plate would be worth more than others as it is the first edition of a new idea.