Vintage Luggage

One type of vintage collectibles that people enjoy collecting is vintage luggage. This luggage is available in an assortment of prices, sizes, materials, colors and patterns. It can be purchased in a variety of places and has several uses.

A small vintage suitcase may cost only a few dollars at a thrift store. A vintage designer trunk could cost thousands of dollars. Many of these items cost under a hundred dollars. Pieces that have been restored by the seller will cost more. Sizes of vintage luggage range from small train cases to large wardrobe trunks. Materials that this luggage is made out of include leather and wicker. Pieces may be covered with fabric or fiberboard. They might have hard or soft sides. Patterns on suitcases could be flowers, stripes or checks. They come in almost every color.

Vintage suitcases and trunks can be bought at thrift stores, flea markets, antique shops, estate sales, garage sales and on line. Some pieces may look as if they have rarely been used. Other pieces may require some work to make them usable. Vintage pieces of luggage are an attractive way to store items. Trunks and suitcases with hard sides are sturdy places to store breakable items. Vintage trunks can be used for tables. Suitcases make interesting decorations. This luggage can also be used for traveling.

Vintage luggage pieces are vintage collectibles that are affordable and useful.

Finding vintage luggage can be a struggle now-a-days. With the hipster and vintage lover craze, seeking out vintage items can lead one on a long treasure hunt to get the exact thing they are looking for. Vintage things vary in styles and sizes, so attaining luggage of the correct size and with the perfect features can take a good bit of time. Once one finds the piece they are longing, they will usually see that it was well worth the time and wait.

Vintage baggage are beautiful finds. They typically have a bit of a worn, used look which is a sight that is like heaven to any vintage-lover. Most come in solid colors, but some come in unique and old-fashioned designs. Many have handles or shoulder straps. Some even have old, vintage-style wheels to roll the luggage with one by their side. As already mentioned, they come in various sizes and shapes as well. There are plenty of options to suit anyone!

Vintage luggage is typically sturdy as well. They are made out of durable fabrics such as leather or other sturdy materials. They have lasted for a long time so far, so they will probably last a while for a person getting it as well. Luggage like this makes a great gift. It is a great going away present for individuals that are moving, traveling, or students going off to college!