Vintage Fender Guitar

The name Fender is synonymous with solid-body electric guitars, but some of its other vintage offerings are coveted as well. Desirable vintage Fender guitars were produced before 1966 after CBS bought the manufacturer and changed the way these legendary instruments were made.

Fenders were initially renowned for their sleek contours, attractive plastics, nitrocellulose lacquer and Brazilian rosewood fingerboards with clay dots. As CBS employed corporate money-making methodolgy into the production of Fender guitars, their quality degenerated in the interest of cutting production costs. Although all pre-CBS models are collectible, those made in the 1950's most capture the eyes of collectors with their tweed cases, thin logos, one-layer pickguards and maple one-piece necks.

Vintage Fender guitar collectors have made the Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster and Esquire some of the most popular collectible guitar models on the market today.