Vintage Oil Cans

Anyone who tunes into the History Channel has probably seen American Pickers, a show in which two men cross the country looking for antiques. One item that they're always interested in is vintage oil cans, which are in sparse supply since the heyday of full service gas stations. These often colorful cans were used by gas station attendants, who would fill your car, give you a smile, and check your oil in the blink of an eye. While the days of full service stations are long gone, the interest in the cans they used is growing by the day.

The greatest appeal vintage oil cans have to the collector is their design, their scarcity, and their durability. Most of these cans are from the 40's, before the rationing of metal due to World War II made the metal oil cans inviable. The 40's were known for their aesthetic, and these cans are no exception, with a great amount of effort put into making the colors and shapes pop out from the rest of their competitors. Since these cans were made to be disposable, they're incredibly scarce as well. Most that are found are in less than desirable condition, with dents and rust very common.

Anyone interested into getting in on this expanding market can take a look on the internet to find the best deals that they can. Vintage oil cans are being snatched up fast, and the older they are the more they're worth. It's worth your while to take a look at this hot new collectible.

The oil can used to lubricate the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz is the example of a vintage oil can. Oil cans are not used any more. Aerosol sprays and plastic bottles have replaced them. Even though there will be no more vintage oil cans produced, a person can find such a c n if he tries hard enough.

The vintage oil can looks like a teapot. Teapots have a spout that lets them pour water out easily. The vintage oil can will have a small, narrow spout that restricts the flow of oil. The restricted flow lets a person target oil to where it is needed. When the automobile was invented, a new type of oil can was introduced. The can had a flip top and only slightly resembled soda or beer cans. Most of the cans were thrown out before they became collectible.

The logos on oil cans are a piece of Americana, much the way the old red white and blue Pepsi cans are. They are not, however, easy to find. Some flea market vendors might have them, as may some people who own Antique shops. f a person can find a vintage oil can, he can own a piece of Vintage Americana.