Vintage Quilts

Old Is New Again
With the rise in popularity of "bed in a bag" comforters and bedding, there has also been renewed interest in vintage quilts. To begin with vintage quilts fall into the category of quilts that can be handmade or quilts made by a particular quilter. They take on a retro look as compared with today's comforters. Another aspect of these quilts are the designs. Many of these designs are more than a few hundred years old. Others are designs that reflect a particular regional style or family heirloom motif. The difference in the quilts are that they are not always machine made. Then, there's also the fact that they were not used solely for bedding but as wall and furniture coverings.

Where To Find Vintage Quilts
Scour mother or grandmother's attic to find these quilts. Another way to find them is to spend some time at a crafts festival where quilters generally sell them as collectibles. They can also be found in crafting magazines or online. They are definitely a collector's item. So this gives a wide venue to finding the most beautiful quilts of a vintage era.

Vintage Beauty At Vintage Prices
Take a weekend and visit rural areas where there are likely to be shops that sell quilts with other items. It's the best way to find vintage beauty at vintage prices. In some cases, these quilts may be restored from original designs while in other cases, they may have been part of an estate sale.

Who doesn’t remember the comfort of going to grandma’s house? If you were to take a poll and ask; ‘what is one of your most treasured memories?’ The general consensus would be; ‘going to grandmas.’ One of the aspects that tend to make these such fond memories for people is the comfort that could be found at their grandmother’s house.

While you can’t get that exact same level of comfort that you did as a child, you can get that nostalgic feeling with vintage quilts. For many people one of the best memories is that of bundling up when they are cold in one of the vintage quilts that their grandmother made. A large part of what makes these quilts so wonderful is that they were made with love and they represent a time line in most cases.

In days gone by quilts were used much like scrap books and photo albums, to keep a sort of family history. Quilts were made from the scraps of clothing that families can no longer use, in many cases clothing that marks special occasions such as weddings, births and christenings. These pieces are sewn together with love to tell a story in fabric.