Vintage Lighted Signs

Collecting Vintage Lighted Signs is quickly becoming a wonderfully nostalgic past time for the antique enthusiast. With everything from old store signs to antique drink signs, there is a wide array of products for even the novice collector. Here is a brief overview on how to begin this exciting hobby.

Consider your capital first, as some retro signs can be fairly expensive and highly sought. Look at various places within your home or business to get an idea of the type of sign you may wish to have located there, and then be sure to take some form of measurements to have a good idea of the sizes of the vintage lighted signs you can place there. Once you have a specific in mind, begin to narrow to a specific topic of interests, such as drink signs or various business signs. Lastly comes the fun part, begin looking in various antique shops where many will be displayed directly in the windows themselves. Checking online for signs will save you a lot of travel, and increase the chances of finding what you are looking for.