Vintage Sports and Recreation

For years collectors have swarmed through antique shops, garage sales and auctions hoping to find a new addition for their own personal collection. Books, phonograph records, furniture, paintings, jewelry and toys are now some of the biggest collectible markets but the field of collecting vintage sports and recreation items has begun to soar in popularity.

You can concentrate on the area of vintage sports and recreation that you find most appealing. Some people are eager to trade and collect vintage baseball cards and are constantly networking in an effort to find the cards that are in mint condition as well as those cards that feature the superstar players. Vintage fishing lures, tackle boxes and mechanized reels are another specialty area that has attracted a number of new collectors. There are also people who want to collect sports related memorabilia such as autographed baseballs, game footballs and the jerseys worn by certain players.

The sheer joy of collecting an assortment of different items and creating unique displays with their finds are two of the reasons that collectors enjoy this hobby. Individuals of all ages can enjoy searching for high interest items among the many vintage sports and recreation collectibles that are available. This unique field of collecting allows a hobbyist to create a general collection or concentrate on a very specialized grouping of items. Today you can still locate a number of valuable finds relating to sports and recreational activities but you have to know where and how to begin your search.

Whatever your favorite sport you can find vintage sports and recreation material to feed your collection. In addition to autographed game balls and programs, you can find vintage metal signs, photos and even retro and vintage sports apparel. Everyone recognizes Baseball cards, but there are also sports cards for basketball and football. There are helmets and bats and mitts and vintage uniforms for the big three of baseball, basketball and football. But you can find memorabilia for other sports such as soccer and ice hockey, golf, track and field and even curling.

Most collectors concentrate on one sport since there are so many options available to collect. Consider vintage metal signs for boxing matches, programs and magazines. You could also collect items such as vintage canoes and other water sport equipment such as skis. Others might be more interested in posters and art prints or articles about favorite sports stars from the past. Perhaps your interest is in the Olympics, and you will find huge amounts of collectibles in many languages and spanning many years.

Whatever direction you go, there is a wonderful supply of interesting items from vintage sports and recreation from any number of suppliers and private collectors.