Vintage Tools

Many people enjoy the hunt for vintage tools and restoring them to prime condition. Half the fun is sorting through garage sales, classifieds in the newspaper or checking out a few websites for new arrivals. Some of these vintage collectibles can be really hard to locate and it is considered to be quite a find when your search finally pays off.

Collectors are interested in vintage tools, because they are so well made and you just can’t find that kind of quality these days. Many are constructed of solid wood handles used in combination with iron pieces and built for durability. Once the search is completed it’s time to bring them home and clean them up to see their best possible appearance.

Fill a kitchen or work sink with plenty of warm, soapy water. A damp cloth dipped into the soapy water and scrubbed over the surface should remove most of the dirt. Dry it with a soft cloth or an old clean rag so you can see what your new vintage collectible looks like.

The metal areas may be cleaned with a stiff brush or if needed with mineral spirits. Steel wool works well for rust removal or stained areas. Tiny crevices can be cleaned out using a cotton swab. Replace missing screws and repair wood portions if necessary with wood glue. Wooden handles can be cleaned up using a bit of furniture wax. Buff all parts and sit back and enjoy the new addition to your vintage tools collection.

Vintage tools can sell for more money at a flea market or an auction than a simple used tool a person find in dusty garage or a grass-covered yard sale. The buyer simply has to know what he is looking for. A buyer cannot just get an old, rusty tool and expect to turn a profit. A rusty old tool in such an environment may just be an old, rusty tool.

Craftsman tools, if a user can find them in a used environment are particularly valuable. The vintage Craftsman tools are not often resold. A person who comes upon a set of these tools probably will keep them in his tool set. A person who sells non-powered tools from the company may not realize what he or she has.

Other vintage tools are bought and sold. Old drills, saws, and even old logging equipment may be worth money to collector. These vintage tools do not always need to be cleaned up before the buyer can sell them. Sometimes the dirty tools are worth more to a potential buyer if the tools look like they have been used well. When it comes down to it, vintage tools are a niche market that not many people use.