Antique Tools

Whether attempting to preserve a bit of the past for future generations to come, investing for financial purposes or simply using as beautiful pieces of art, collecting antique tools is your hobby. Vintage tools are generally tools over 100 years old, manufactured before World War II, or tools that didn't require electricity, as well as has some collectable value.

For advanced collectors, you have your specific ways of accumulating your collections. Perhaps you are a fan of one specific type of tool, like the hammer; the tool found in every toolbox, and according to some accounts is considered to be the first tool. Or maybe you enjoy history and search for tools from a specific era. And yet others are devoted only to particular makers.

There are also beginners, new to the game. You can find numerous reference books with collecting tips, history of antique tools, and other interesting information you'd like to learn. Never be afraid to ask questions! You can find clubs, which feature different events for vintage tool lovers, or for people who just want to get together with those who share your same interests, share each others stories and all appreciating the rarity of vintage tools.