Antique Wrenches

Wrenches have existed much longer than the cars which we commonly use them on. While the oldest versions of wrenches were actually made by blacksmiths, these weren’t very common. Wrenches didn’t come into popular use until the1800s when bolts and nuts became easily available to the public.

Most antique wrenches are cast, not stamped. The hex in the box end, or the opening in a crescent end were roughly cast, then finished cut to make them the right size for the hardware they were to match.

It is almost impossible to find matched sets of antique wrenches, as early wrenches were bought to perform a specific task. It wasn’t until auto mechanics had to contend with the variety of sizes of hardware on one engine that wrenches began to be sold in sets. Many of those early sets are still in use, in some mechanics tool chest.