Vintage Wedding

Fortunately, the tide has turned from ostentatious throw-away to eco-friendly recyclable. What better way to save a little money and create a lot of romance than vintage weddings? While the sky is the limit when it comes to these affairs, there is nothing like a little nostalgic charm at a reasonable price to warm the hearts of everybody from the bride to the guests.

Gorgeous wedding gowns can be found at vintage and thrift stores, as well as online. From less $20 for a 70s dress to more than $1000 for a turn of the century Victorian, imagination and budget are the only restrictions. For the accomplished seamstress, vintage patterns also make it easy to create any look, and there is plenty to be found for the groom and wedding party, as well., an artsy website with individual vendors, has everything from period bouquets to elbow length white gloves. Whether it is antique hair pins for “something blue” or a silk bow tie for the groom, there is no shortage of options.

Why not choose a mixture of lovely old china and linens for the reception? Teapots filled with country bouquets make lovely centerpieces, and dainty flowered teacups do double duty as votive holders. Vignettes created with old lace, classic pocket watches, and sepia snapshots of the bride and groom are inexpensive and one-of-a-kind creations. If the lovely couple is able to ride away into the sunset on a horse and buggy or antique car, so much the better.

Planning vintage weddings is fun, but attending one guarantees memories of a special day that will never be forgotten.

A vintage wedding goes far beyond wearing a vintage dress. To carry this theme throughout the wedding, think about the accessories and decor to complete the charm of vintage style.

When people think about vintage, lace, muted colors, and romance come to mind. You can start the theme of a vintage wedding from the very beginning with vintage inspired invitations. Coordinate the invitation color and style with that of the wedding and for a special touch, seal them with an old fashioned wax seal. A charming touch is to match the lace from the bride’s wedding dress to a pattern on the invitation. This can even be carried into the cake decorations.

Table decorations at the wedding can have that vintage feel, too. Lots of candles, flowers and antique knickknacks will work. Look for vintage picture frames for black and white photos of the bride and groom. You may want to even add some old family wedding photos for authenticity.

Everything can be vintage coordinated from the food and bridal party attire to decorations and music. Last by not least, a perfect ending is for the bride and groom to leave in a vintage car or even horse and carriage. A vintage wedding is a lovely way to recognize a romantic era.